Safer Places of Worship

Hiring Out Your Premises

It is often the case that the building is utilised by organisations that are not associated or connected with the church.

For example, the premises may be utilised by a keep-fit class, mother and toddler group and sometimes part of the building is leased or rented to another organisation for additional parking space.

It is essential that before the premises are used by such organisations, it has to be agreed that the place is suitable for the purpose of proposed use. For example, if part of the premises is leased to a third party for additional parking purposes, appropriate rights of way must be described and it must be agreed between both organisations that the condition of the paving and parking areas is are in a suitable condition.

If the premises are to be used by a mother and toddler group, which is not associated with the church, again the condition of the flooring, furniture and other equipment must be agreed by both organisations as suitable for the purpose.

Appropriate hire agreements must be in place between the various organisations in order to ensure that the church does not pick up the liabilities of another organisation. It is essential that the users of the building, who are not connected with the church, have their own liability insurance in place and copies are held by the place of worship.

Consideration must be given as to whose health and safety policies and risk assessments are to be used and whether they are extensive enough for the activities that are to be undertaken. Most specialist contractors are likely to have their own however other organisations may rely on yours being adequate for their activities.