Safer Places of Worship

Building Work & Managing Contractors

If you intend to start building work or you employ any contractors it is important to manage them effectively as a lack of control of contractors can increase the risk of accidents and injuries to the contractor as well as to your employee and visitors.

If you employ contractors regularly it may be useful to compile a list of approved contractors and check their health and safety policy and insurance arrangements. It is important to ensure that any contractor has their own insurance cover in place.

Ensure that your contractor carries out a full risk assessment before undergoing any work for the specific work they are contracted to undertake. It is however your responsibility as the person engaging the contractor to ensure that other risk assessments and safe systems of work are in place in order to effectively discharge your duties under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

You should consider providing an induction before a contractor comes on site, make them aware of your health and safety policy, access control measures, fire drills and emergency arrangements, first aid facilities and accident reporting requirements.

It is important to inform any employees, tenants, and regular visitors that contract work is taking place, identifying any overlaps that may affect health and safety. Informing local residents when building work is taking place can also increase security.

If the place of worship is having major building works or scaffolding is being erected it is important that you contact you insurance provider to ensure that your church insurance is adequate. They may reduce cover and apply additional terms and requirements to your policy.

For more information look at the HSE guidance on contractors