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Allergen Labelling

Food Standards Agency introduces allergen labelling requirements

New food information regulation came into effect on the 13 December 2014, this will affect community or charity food operations, such as cafes or community lunch clubs that are required to be registered as food businesses.  Information must now be provided about fourteen main allergens, which are used as ingredients in food and drink. 

If your church provides food but is not registered as a food business you are not legally required to provide information to consumers about any allergens present in the food. For example, foods served during coffee mornings and voluntary outreach events or Holy Communion services, would not be classified as food businesses. However, in such cases, it would be good practice to provide allergenic ingredient information for the foods served to enable those with food allergies to make an informed choice.

The legislation on the provision of food information for consumers and other useful advice and business support tools produced by the Agency to help businesses comply with the legislation can be found at: (EU FIC) (FIR)

Online training is also available at://