Safer Places of Worship

Fire Training

All employees and stewards should be given suitable training to include the:

  • action required on discovering an outbreak of fire or hearing the fire alarm;
  • evacuation procedure, including any special considerations that will apply to disabled visitors or those with impaired hearing or sight;
  • arrangements for calling the fire brigade;
  • location of and, if appropriate, the safe use of fire fighting equipment;
  • location of escape routes, particularly those not in regular use and the importance of keeping all escape routes free from obstructions at all times;
  • method of opening all doors;
  • importance of keeping fire doors closed in order to prevent the spread of fire;
  • reason for not using lifts (other than those specifically provided or adapted for use by people with disabilities, in accordance with BS 5588-8:1999);
  • importance of general fire precautions and good housekeeping.